to The Christian Communion International - Province USA,
Archdiocese of the Incarnation

Welcome to our Website. We pray that your connection with us and any interest in our witness to the Risen Lord Jesus Christ will be a positive and uplifting element in your spiritual journey. We see ourselves as an expression of the ancient-future Church of Jesus Christ, where the streams of Christian tradition and spirituality converge and flow together. Emphasizing the interweaving of Spirit, Scripture and Sacrament, we identify and stand in connection with the ancient way of following Jesus Christ practiced by the early apostolic Church of the first three centuries, as well as with many of the values and practices of Celtic Christianity lived out by the followers of Christ in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany and the Isle of Man from the 5th to the 8th centuries.

We are part of a worldwide family of relationally connected spiritual communities who follow and worship Jesus Christ in a variety of expressions of being the Church. We consider ourselves as friends and family on a common journey and quest of spiritual discovery rooted in the ancient faith revealed in the incarnation of the Divine Creator of all in His Son Jesus Christ and moving forward in relevant and fresh ways into the 21st century.

We are excited pioneers and explorers of spiritual treasures old and new encountered through relationship with our Living Lord, one other and His people through history. Rather than being entrenched in religion, we seek a life of devotion and faith together anchored in the mysterious and supernatural power and love of God experienced in community. We enter into this way of life through the Presence and working of the Holy Spirit, the revealed truth of our Creator-Father found in the teachings of inspired Scripture as the Word of God written, and in the experience of ongoing spiritual sustenance and divine life flowing from the work of Jesus Christ through the mysteries of sign and symbol found in the sacraments, connecting the material and spiritual realms in the heart of the worshiper.

We invite you to journey with us, and if there is any way we may be of encouragement or assistance to you in the Name and Love of our Savior, please share with us. May the Light of heaven make your journey here brighter with hope, faith and love and your connection with eternity more sure.

Yours at the same Table,

+Archbishop Wayne Boosahda
Apostolic Facilitator and Overseer

CCI-USA Archdiocese of the Incarnation

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