Archdiocese of the Incarnation

Archbishop Paul Wayne Boosahda

5016 Spedale Ct. - PMB 302
Spring Hill, TN. 37174

Office no. - 615-692-1154
Fax no. - 615-296-5559

Archbishop Wayne celebrating

Diocese of St. Patrick

Archbishop Paul Wayne Boosahda

5016 Spedale Ct. - PMB 302
Spring Hill, TN. 37174

Office no. - 615-692-1154
Fax no. - 615-296-5559

Bishop Thomas Stewart Cory

(Assistant Bishop and West Coast Representative)

Diocese of the Restoration
Bishop Quintin Moore in worship Bishop Quintin Moore

Diocese of The Salmon House

Bishop Ray Levesque

Salmon House USA
Ray Levesque
PO Box 5011
PMB 50
Ferndale, WA 98248

Salmon House Canada
Ray Levesque
#218 - 1821 Southmere Crescent East
Surrey, BC V4A 7A4

Bishop Ray Levesque

Bishop's Website: www.newgatherings.com
First Nations Learning Center Website - www.firstnationscenter.com

Our vision is to lead The People into an extraordinary personal devotion to Jesus Christ and raise up and equip native leaders within the cultural context of First Nations peoples across North America and beyond.

Our mission is to establish vital worshipping communities and sacred gatherings: communities whose evangelism, teaching, service, and loving spirit bring the Good News of Creator’s Son, Jesus, to First Nations peoples in an incarnational, culturally contextual Way of living that will fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission in Word, Deed, and Sacrament, until Jesus our Healing Savior, Creator’s Son, the Head of the Church - His covenant people from every tribe, language, people and nation - returns for His pure and Holy Bride.

Go here for the Salmon House Clergy Directory

Missionary Diocese of Christ the King

Bishop William Mikler

P.O. Box 950458
Lake Mary, FL 32795 USA
Phone: (407) 321-8817

Missionary Diocese of Christ the King serves various church networks and ministries in the US and abroad that are committed to the discipling of nations. Principal overseas bases are presently in Brazil and Uganda, with work in several other nations under development.

Diocese of St. Cuthbert

Bishop Robert Hoyt, Jr.

344 Gaines St.
Sparta, TN 38583

Bishop Hoyt preparing for worship

Website: www.saintcuthbert.com

The diocese of Saint Cuthbert is a part of the Communion of Convergence Churches. We see ourselves as an Ancient-Future expression of the faith, a blending of the Evangelical, the Charismatic, and the Sacramental streams of the Church. A harmony of the Scripture, Spirit, and Sacrament.

We have a strong identification with the faith of the early apostolic Church and early Celtic tradition of the Church, emphasizing relationship, community, and journey. While we have our distinctive characteristics, we have an unfailing understanding of the unity of the Church and see ourselves not as separate followers, but as fellow pilgrims.

Our worship communities have a varied expression, touching the lives of those with whom they live, living in the reality of the Presence of Christ, they reflect the ideals of ancient Celtic monastic communities.

Please visit our website for more information about us and our ministries.

Missionary Diocese of St. Francis
Bishop John Goodwin

Order Companions of Christ

Bishop Abbot Mike Warnke

P.O. Box 308
Harrodsburg, KY 40330

Abbot Mike Warnke in worship

Website: companions.saintcuthbert.com

Our mission:

  • To preach the “Good News” of Jesus Christ throughout the world.
  • To advance the Kingdom of God.
  • To strengthen, encourage, and equip those engaged in the preaching of the Gospel.

Missionary Diocese of St. John

Bishop Charles Erskine